About Baruch

I was born in a small town in Indiana called South Bend.

I grew up there through 4th grade enjoying the smaller out of town life and the proximity to Chicago. In 1st grade my parents also took a sabbatical year and I lived in Israel for a year going to school at Chorev in Yerushelayim. In 5th grade my family moved to Silver Spring, Maryland. I went to high school for 9th-11th grade at the Berman Hebrew Academy, before leaving high school early to come to YU in the Fall of 2019.

I started YU in the Fall of 2019 knowing absolutely no one.

I came here, at 17 years old, as someone who knew absolutely no one else who was either at YU that year or was coming to start YU that year. Despite the age difference and having no original social circle to lean back on I was determined to get involved and make as many friends and meaningful connections and relationships as I could. Since then I have served in more positions on student council than any other student in YU's recent history (as far as I know), have been on the Head Staff of the Seforim Sale, have taken leadership roles in countless other organizations and initiatives on campus, and have been involved with several other organizations outside of YU. I think I have succeeded greatly in my goal of getting involved and making friends and for that I am everyday grateful to HaShem.

Some Random things about me:

  1. I love love love SCUBA diving, hiking, and anything else that can get me outside.

  2. I enjoy doing anything that challenges my brain like logic puzzles or civil debates and discussing new ideas.

  3. I have lived in more than 7 houses/places since I was born.

  4. I always love taking on new projects and initiatives when I get the chance.

  5. I am a volunteer EMT in Bergenfield with BVAC

  6. One of the things I am passionate about is inclusion. To this end I currently work for Yachad as an area coordinator, and HASC as a medication administering group home staff.

  7. I love Rabbi Romm's courses and have taken his halacha shiur throughout my time at YU.