Shabbos on Campus

Shabbos on Campus has improved significantly since the pre-COVID years, but that doesn't mean that we don't have more work to do and more ways we can improve the student Shabbos on Campus experience even more. If elected I aim to improve the Shabbos experience in 3 key ways:

  • Working with the Office of Student Life (OSL), Housing and Residence Life (UHRL), and Undergraduate Torah Studies (UTS), to expand the programming options that we have available to students ensuring that there truly is something for everybody, and more importantly to try and change the structure to be more small community focused to increase the sense of community and achdus across the YU campus.

  • Increase the amount of Shabbatonim and off campus Shabbos events, especially smaller themed Shabbatonim that have the possibility of forming cross campus communities based on shared interests.

  • Bring in more outside guests for Shabbos and work on possibly collaborating with Jewish communities across other colleges in NYC to expand our network of Jewish College students and foster a sense of unity between all the Jewish College Students in the area. As the flagship modern orthodox institution in all of North America don't we have a responsibility to be part of the larger Jewish college world around us in NYC?

  • I am uniquely suited to do this due to my pre-existing working relationships with the heads and members of all of the aforementioned departments and many more across the entirety of the Yeshiva. I also have been doing this for years with great success and know how to get things done, no learning curve needed.

Campus Store

One of my goals since I have arrived at YU has been to revive the campus store, providing a place for student and visitors to buy YU Swag, seforim, and work from our professors year round in a convenient physical location. How amazing would it be to finally have a store around campus


As VP of Clubs this past year I was an integral part of the smooth club approval process instrumental in making the over 170 campus clubs official.

I will use my experiences from this position to expedite and improve the club approval and event approval process even further, hopefully allowing other student leaders to empower themselves and allow even more club events to be happening both on and off campus.

Clubs are an essential part of student life and sadly club heads are not always adequately prepared by YU for the responsibility their position entails. Another goal of mine as YSU President will be to help make sure that all club heads receive the proper training and guidance they need to fully execute an amazing event.

Student Life on Campus

I have been a student at YU since the Fall of 2019 and have been a part of making student life on campus as enjoyable as possible since then.

A major part of the YSU President Position is facilitating a thriving student life on campus. I have had 3 years under the guidance of 3 great presidents and close friends to confidently state that there is no one better suited for this position than me. I have been preparing for this position for years and I am ready, more now than ever before, to fully accept the responsibility of this position if the student body sees fit to entrust me with it.

First Year Student Mentorship and Inclusion

I still remember my first day here as a true freshman. I knew absolutely no one and felt so alone at first before I really started branching out and forming my social network.

One of my top goals as YSU President will be to ensure that no student feels left behind. That all students here, first time on campus or not, are made aware of the different resources we have available on campus. YU has no shortage of campus resources, the problem is bad marketing. Starting from one week after I started at YU I became known as the guys who knows things. If you needed a problem solved you brought it to me and I directed you to the right person. My goal as president will be to make sure all students know the resources that are available to them before they ever even need them.

Working with the YU Administration

I have been forming relationships with the members of the YU administration since my very first day here with the knowledge that these relationships are instrumental in what will hopefully be my work as YSU president next year.

I have been laying the groundwork for this position for 3 years which puts me in a position that is unrivaled by any of the other candidates running.

I can personally guarantee that every single Dean, almost every department head, President Berman, and most other members of the administration are personally familiar with me, can recognize me by name or face, and know that I am a student who works hard and gets things done.

Coed Events

I know that there are students at YU who value the opportunities for coed events, and those who would prefer not to be in a coed environment at all. As president I would ensure that there are plenty of events happening on a constant basis for both segments of our amazing student population!